past h.a.t.c.h. projects


The Byerley High School Holiday Reunion

An immersive theatrical experience from The Haven Project
It's been ten years since your graduation from Byerley High School and you've received an enigmatic invitation from someone you vaguely remember inviting you to a private reunion. The host has a sinister past and a secret that everyone is sure they've kept best. Discover the truths and reconnect with old friends.

No Dominion was proud to present Peculiar Therapy, a work of Christine ‘Chandy’ Bennett’s, as the inaugural production of H.A.T.C.H.  on September 19, 2016. Chandy was last seen in our Departure at the historic Solitude House in November of 2015 and was recently costume designing the European Tour of Hair. She describes Peculiar Therapy as “a one-night performance art event beginning with a highly personal walk-through art installation followed by a party with an open invitation artist showcase.” 


In an attempt to create an open dialogue about depression and anxiety, Jersey City Hip-Hop/Theatre artist Murdock created and recorded an album about his own personal battles. #AAAH (Agoraphobic. Alcoholic. Asshole.) is a concept album partnered with live theatrical performances to share Murdock's struggle with the world and hopefully break some of the negative stigma attached to mental health. With a release at just the end of the month, the world premiere of #AAAH was designed to be more than just a show. it is an evening for local talent from and around Jersey City to gather and share their art. From visual art to performance art to music, Murdock has partnered with No Dominion Theatre Co. to create this night to express and support local artists while also raising money for the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)