Theatre in the Heights is a staged reading series based in the Jersey City Heights neighborhood that aims to give opportunities to playwrights to have their works heard, actors to hone their craft, and share these works with the community, while showcasing small, local businesses in the area.

No Dominion is excited to be presenting this new series with local blog Growing in Jersey City to bring new theatre to Jersey City Heights!

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summer 2018 | aug. 9, 2018 at froth on franklin:
let’s be in love by antoinette fasino


Let's Be In Love is an exploration of love, or the absence of, in its many forms. It’s caught between dream and the waking world, the comedy that comes from reality and the heart breaking reality that can come out of comedy. It’s a brief snapshot of a single night in several peoples lives and the possibility for them to change.

fall 2017 | Oct. 20, 2017 at the statuary:
a lovely damaged quality by mackenzie mcbride


In A Lovely Damaged Quality, Jody descends into the dark depths of her imagination as she tries to make sense of her father's suicide. Overwhelmed with grief, she finds herself in a chaotic and magical world where her dad still lives inside of the pages of her notebook, a mysterious old woman throws snowballs at her, and her mother has turned into a pile of cashmere sweaters.

From the playwright:

"Jody's story is not my own, but it very easily might have been. When my dad committed suicide 7 years ago, my grief made me want to write plays. Jody's grief leads her to a much darker place. I often think about how loss effects individuals so differently, how some people may be crippled by it and other transformed by it. I'm not sure how much control we have over which path it leads us on. I wrote this play as an exploration of loss and of grief and the strange things it does to us. It was my hope that others might see this play and know that they are not alone, that there are others who have lost someone and descended into chaos as a result. It was also my hope that after seeing this play people might leave with a better understanding of the complexities surrounding suicide. Suicide if often referred to as "the last taboo;" this play is my attempt to break down that stigma. If we don't talk about suicide, if we continue to treat it as something shameful only to be spoken about in whispers, then those who need our help the most will continue to suffer in silence. My dad suffered and fought against it and he list; the pain I feel in his absence is deep and pure. But through Jody and Roger I have, I hope, turned that pain into sacrament - into something resembling beauty." - Mackenzie McBride. To learn more about Mackenzie's work, click here.

Photos by Christine 'Chandy' Bennett.

Series launch | July 25, 2017 at the hutton: an evening of excerpts

Photos by Chris Welby 

An Evening of Excerpts...

For the Series Launch, we presented selected scenes from some of our past productions: One. Four. (Zero). by Michael Joel, Departure by Kaitlin Overton and the company, Help me out here by Michael Joel and Kaitlin Overton, and a Prophecy by Christine 'Chandy' Bennett that was presented as part of our live Facebook event Inauguration Day.


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